Project overview


The goal of this project is to build an autonomous Arduino based device (a robot? Let’s see where my steps and imagination will lead me), which is controlled by a server (a RaspBerryPi) for more intelligence. The RaspberryPi will, if necessary, take advantage of its IP connectivity to access any external resource when necessary (file servers, Cloud based computing, whatever).

My idea is basically to build one of these Arduino robots, but bringing a bit more capabilities than just following a line and going around obstacles.

Overview :


The Raspberry will be stored in a convenient (hidden) place, thus he has no screen nor keyboard. I use an IR remote control instead, and for development/debug purpose, a remote screen can receive information logs through a dedicated socket.

I use a Gertboard and its ATMega controller on the RPi side, for its ease of use (thanks to Gordon Henderson for making this easy